Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bonython Street BBQ

The spring rain has not dampened our enthusiasm for a good party at Bonython St.
Satay sticks remind us of the intended outdoor activities, the rest, is a typical Chinese vegetarian feast. The 6th photo has been squeezed out of this entry, fried eggs with rice bubbles, peas and coriander from our own garden. The Master Chef for the Night is Molly Yang. Salad: tomato with basil leaves.

Cheese Twist Deluxe: puff pastry,
with cheese and black sesame & linseed.

Pasta with celery, carrots and wood ear strips.

Satay Sticks of corn, doufu, zucchini, soy balls and carrots.

Stephen's Home-made Greek Yogurt served with Apricot halves

Green Beans Stir-fry with sundry tomato, doufu etc.