Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gen Y International Students Research Welcomed in Canberra

Research student's international student insights welcomed in Canberra


CQUniversity Doctor of Business Research candidate Molly Yang has presented 2 out of the 12 refereed papers and 1 of the 18 non-refereed papers at the recent ISANA 20th International Education Conference held in Canberra between December 1-4, under a sponsorship provided by ABC Immigration & Education Consultants...

Ms Yang explored a wide range of topics relating to study support for international students; including different Chinese learning styles originating from various Chinese subcultures; and a case study of Indian medical students trained in China.

PhotoID:8221, Molly Yang (left) and 2 Vietnamese delegates
Molly Yang (left) and 2 Vietnamese delegates

She, together with her co-authors, has probably, for the first time in Australian tertiary education research, singled out 'Generation Y from Overseas' as an individual group of students, as well as Indian doctors trained and 'Made in China'.

Ms Yang's forte remains the Chinese students' study choice and Confucian heritage learning style.

Throughout the conference, delegates and colleagues from other universities showed great interest in the innovative ways adapted by both Australian and Chinese regional universities to meet international students' needs and to provide quality educational programs and overseas study experience.

Some panelists have recommended further in-depth studies once a wider data base is available.

A couple of regional universities have invited Ms Yang to present workshops to their International Student Service staff members and to help them tailor individual strategies to enhance service capacity. She has been inspired by these responses.

Conference proceedings are available via: