Saturday, May 17, 2008

家 常 素 食- Auntie Tina's Kitchen

素食有些甚麼好處? 可延年益壽 ?--是的, 答對了!事實上, 素食更可以預防各種
疾病,例如 : 減少心臟病, 血管硬化, 糖尿病的發病機會.又會因為不殺生而使你
有一個慈悲的愛心.素食有這許多好處, 是毋庸置疑的事實,所以, 近年來, 素食
能買得到. 基於這個原因.故此本人就用最簡單的,在日常於菜市場上, 買得到的材
料.是既方便又簡單 ! 這本" 家常素食 "是本人於這數年來,所研究出來的心得.所
有的菜式,沒有添放味精.因此 對我們的健康是很有助益! 希望能分享給所有喜愛
食素的人 !

What is the benefit of vegetarianism? Longevity?
Yes, this is the benefit of it. Vegetarianism also prevents some disease such as heart attack, blood
clot and diabetes. It also promotes practice of Ahimsa (non-killing). No wonder vegetarianism is
becoming the trend and fashion. There are many Asian vegetarian recipe books, but most of
the ingredients are hard to find in western countries. Because of this reason. I only use the
ingredients that one can easily find in the local Asian grocery stores in my cookbook. The
recipes included in this "Home-Made Chinese Vegetarian Dishes" has originated from the
accumulation of my years' experience. No MSG is used in any dish and it is good for health. I
would like to share these dishes with those who like vegetarian cooking.